Holiday-Hearing Gift Giving

6 Ideas That Wow

When it comes to the greatest gifts in life, healthy hearing ranks high on our list. That’s why we’re making it easy to share the joy of better hearing this holiday season. Have a special person in your life who wears a hearing device? Here are six special ways to help them maximize their technology.


Wireless Mic

Quality hearing aids can deliver clear sound, but it’s still nice to have an extra microphone around. In one-on-one conversations, lively gatherings around the dinner table, or boardroom discussions, a wireless Bluetooth microphone sends speech directly to the person’s hearing aid. Whether clipped to the speaker’s collar or set in a central spot, it can make being part of the conversation even easier.


TV Streamer

Keeping everybody happy with the television volume is no small feat during movie night at home. It can be even tougher with hearing loss. A TV streamer can help. The typically small tabletop device sends audio from a TV, stereo, or PC straight to the hearing aid, letting the wearer customize the volume to their specific needs without changing it for everyone else. Voila!


Remote Control

A remote control for hearing aids? You bet! With remotes designed for hearing aids, the user can change the device’s volume and program settings, switch the source of the audio they’re streaming, set ambient and streamed audio at different sound levels, and keep an eye on battery levels. It puts convenience and empowerment in the palm of the user’s hand.


Cleaning Kit

As with nearly any other electronic device, hearing aids need periodic maintenance. That includes cleaning, which can extend the life of the hearing instrument and reduce wear and tear. Mixing and matching some of these resources to create a helpful cleaning kit could be just the ticket:


  • Wax picks
  • Soft, dry cloths
  • Wax-guard cleaning brush
  • Cleaning spray specifically for hearing aids
  • Disinfectant wipes compatible with hearing aids
  • A combination hearing-aid dehumidifier/sanitizer


Tech Time

Apps dedicated to health and wellness are growing, with some exciting options made specifically for hearing aids. They make it even easier to customize settings, enjoy streaming, set up virtual hearing care appointments, and more. Offering up a homemade “coupon” good for quality time spent breaking down the best apps and how to use them can brighten your loved one’s day.


Hearing Protection

OK, this idea isn’t specifically for use with hearing devices, but it’s an important part of hearing health. Quality hearing protection can go a long way toward curbing excess noise exposure, one of the most preventable causes of hearing loss. If work or recreational activities regularly keep your loved one in loud environments, customized hearing protection may be a welcome gift for their ears.


Want more gift ideas this holiday season to help your loved ones enjoy the sounds of their world? We’re here to help, so don’t wait. Contact our knowledgeable team today!

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