Speech & Language Development

The trio of hearing, speech, and language are intricately linked. Many times, potential hearing challenges become evident when a child doesn’t react to sounds as expected or displays a delayed pace in acquiring language abilities compared to their age-mates…

Speech & Language Development

Essentials of Speech & Language Development

The journey of speech and language development is complex and unique to each child. Often, discrepancies in this growth can signal hearing issues. While each child’s development varies, the subsequent guidelines offer a foundational understanding if you’re concerned about your child’s hearing.

Initial Stages of Hearing Development

0-5 Months

  • Demonstrates joy and discomfort through sounds like giggling or fussing.
  • Reacts vocally to caregiver interactions.

6-11 Months

  • Grasps the concept of “no.”
  • Begins babbling, such as uttering “ba-ba” or “ma-ma” without specific intent.
  • Begins mimicking sounds from caregivers.
  • Communicates using gestures.
  • Commences using first words.

12-17 Months

  • Responds non-verbally to basic inquiries.
  • Uses a few words for naming or referencing.
  • Attempts to emulate simple terms.
  • Expands vocabulary to include several words.

18-23 Months

  • Articulates most vowels and certain consonants like n, m, p, h.
  • Vocabulary expands, reaching around 50 words.
  • Starts forming simple phrases.
  • Begins associating words with emotions and possessiveness.
  • Hearing Development in Toddlers

2-3 Years

  • Understands basic spatial terms like “in” or “under.”
  • Recognizes some pronouns and descriptive terms.
  • Vocabulary blooms to hundreds of words.
  • Forms short, coherent sentences.
  • Speech clarity improves but may skip some ending sounds.
  • Begins plurals and past tense verb usage.

3-4 Years

  • Classifies objects by categories.
  • Recognizes various colors.
  • Speech sounds evolve, but certain complex sounds may still be challenging.
  • Communicates clearly enough for strangers to comprehend.
  • Enjoys playful word games and poetry.
  • Initiates detailed conversations about surroundings and feelings.

4-5 Years

  • Grasps complex spatial concepts.
  • Vocabulary reaches approximately 1,500 words.
  • Can articulate multi-step processes.
  • Can categorize items efficiently.
  • Responds to intricate inquiries.
  • Advanced Speech & Language Development.

5 Years and Beyond

  • Comprehends an expansive vocabulary of over 2,000 words.
  • Understands sequential events.
  • Engages in multi-directional tasks.
  • Appreciates rhyme schemes.
  • Constructs longer, complex sentences.
  • Displays creativity in storytelling.

Don’t leave your child’s speech and language development to chance. If you notice any deviations or have concerns, act now. Schedule an appointment with our specialists to ensure your child’s optimal hearing and developmental progress.