Pediatric Ear Health Tips

With hearing’s critical role in the development of language, speech, and communication skills, it’s important to stay atop children’s ear and hearing health. Patient education is an important part of that...

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Voice Box Deformities (Laryngomalacia)

Have you ever noticed your child breathing abnormally loud during sleep, in a way that differs from snoring? It may be laryngomalacia, a condition that can be successfully treated...

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Speech & Language Development

Hearing, speech, and language are all interconnected. Oftentimes, hearing difficulties are first noticed when a child does not respond to sounds appropriately or develops language skills slower than his or her peers...

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Pediatric Hearing Screening

From the cradle to the golden years, we offer an array of hearing tests for patients of all ages. Dr. Samadi will perform a complete physical examination and consult your medical history to...

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Child Hearing Treatment

Even though it’s essential to social, emotional, and cognitive development, hearing is often a sense that’s overlooked medically. Early identification and treatment of hearing loss in children can lessen the negative impacts it will have on a child’s development...

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