Hearing Loss

While hearing loss is often connected to aging, it's a concern that spans all age groups, impacting an estimated 34 million children globally. Addressing hearing loss promptly is crucial due to its potential effects on mental, physical, social, and economic well-being. With today's technological strides, managing hearing loss has become more achievable, and the dedicated professionals at ENT, Sinus & Hearing Care Center are here to guide you through it.

Types of Hearing Loss

Mild hearing issues can greatly hinder our ability to engage and bond with others. When our hearing isn’t at its best, it can adversely affect our mental, physical, and social well-being, causing a decline in overall life satisfaction…

Signs of Hearing Loss

The challenge with hearing loss is that many individuals remain unaware of its onset until it becomes significant. Often, people dismiss it as a temporary inconvenience rather than a persistent issue.

Communication Tips

Optimal hearing involves more than just the right equipment. Beyond having the ideal technology tailored to individual hearing requirements, it’s crucial to optimize this technology with effective communication techniques…

Hearing in Both Ears

Optimal auditory perception through both ears enhances our inherent capability to pinpoint sound sources. This skill is vital to our ability to listen attentively and focus on sound efficiently…
Hearing in Both Ears
What is An Audiologist

What is An Audiologist?

Those seeking treatment for hearing impairment can be daunted by unfamiliar medical terminologies and various healthcare professions. For example, how does an audiologist differ from a hearing instrument specialist?

How to Protect Your Hearing

Being subjected to loud noises (surpassing 85 decibels) during work or leisure can increase the risk of hearing deterioration, or intensify an existing auditory concern…