How Better Hearing Improves Romance

Hear With All Your Heart

Better hearing improves your relationship with everyone in your life — especially your romantic partner. Read on to find out how.

Better Hearing, Less Miscommunication

Stakes are high in romantic relationships. Treating hearing loss is a small price to pay for dramatically lowering the chance of miscommunication. Hearing your best means a more harmonious relationship, less confusion about plans, and making more time for each other.

Better Hearing, Less Frustration

When you have hearing loss, responsibilities shift. Your partner has to answer when the phone or doorbell rings, call to schedule appointments, or even respond for you in social situations if you miss a question. No matter how understanding your partner is, frustration can still settle in. Hearing your best shifts the responsibilities back to a balanced state.

Better Hearing, Less Distance

You might not even notice it, but when conversations start to become difficult or even embarrassing because of your hearing loss, you withdraw a bit. You might even avoid interacting with your partner. But better hearing means more confidence in conversations, making you both more proactive about engaging each other.

Better Hearing, More Affection

Intimacy and affection are built from the small things, like inside jokes, whispered “I love yous,” and enjoying movies or music together. Hearing better means once again enjoying those beloved subtleties in your partner’s voice, the nuances of the first song you danced to, and the sweet nothings said quietly over dinner in a restaurant.

Tips for Date Night

If you’ve just started your better-hearing journey, here are some strategies to ensure your first date as a hearing aid wearer goes great.

Be Practical About the Location

Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you’re still learning how your hearing devices perform in different environments, it’s best to choose something quiet. Head to the park for a picnic, stay in and cook dinner together, or choose a restaurant you know will be quiet. If you’re past the adjustment phase, consider your limitations when choosing the venue.

Be Prepared

Put fresh batteries in your devices or, if you have rechargeable devices, ensure they have enough charge to last you through the evening. Give your devices a maintenance once-over as well, to clear them of wax and debris.

Be Your Own Advocate

Let your partner know the best ways to communicate with you. If they need to switch seats or talk slower, tell them. They’ll be grateful for the feedback; they want your time together to be special, too. And don’t be shy with the staff — let them know what your needs are, such as a table away from excessive noise.


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