How Balloon Sinuplasty Can Help

Yes, You Can Get Relief From Chronic Sinusitis

Headaches. Facial pain. Sinus pressure and congestion. Trouble concentrating or even difficulty breathing. If you’re dealing with chronic sinus issues, you know how challenging they can be. The condition can disrupt daily activities and affect your overall quality of life.

The good news? Many people suffering from chronic sinusitis have found lasting relief with balloon sinuplasty. An estimated 535,000+ people have been treated with the procedure. Read on to learn more about balloon sinuplasty and how it may be just the solution for you.


What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty, also called “balloon ostial dilation” or “BOD,” is a surgical procedure undertaken to treat chronic sinusitis. It’s a safe, quick, typically in-office intervention aimed to unblock sinus passageways, improve drainage, and relieve sinus pressure.

Generally performed by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon, balloon sinuplasty typically takes about an hour and involves:


  • Placing a small catheter with a deflated balloon into the opening of your sinus cavity
  • Gently inflating the balloon approximately five seconds, gradually expanding your sinus opening and improving drainage
  • Deflating the balloon and then removing it while the sinus cavity remains open, helping reduce pain and prevent future sinus congestion
  • Repeating the procedure in the other sinus cavity


Are There Any Complications?

Balloon sinuplasty is less invasive and has fewer complications than traditional sinus surgery. It uses no cutting tools, which helps limit tissue damage and bleeding, and often requires only local anesthesia. Recovery is generally quick, with most able to resume their usual activities within a couple days.

Any procedure can come with risks or complications, making it important to work with an experienced, licensed professional. Your medical provider will discuss what to expect from the procedure — including any potential risks — and should be able to answer any questions you may have.


Is Balloon Sinuplasty Right for You?

This innovative, proven procedure may be recommended if:

  • You are experiencing confirmed sinusitis
  • Your sinusitis has persisted for weeks or months
  • Other treatments such as medication haven’t sufficiently helped


Our ENT expert, otolaryngologist Dr. Daniel S. Samadi, can evaluate your symptoms, history, and treatment to determine whether balloon sinuplasty is the right fit for your individual needs.


Previously, traditional sinus surgery was the only other relief when medication didn’t adequately address chronic sinus issues. Balloon sinuplasty offers an alternative that’s less invasive, can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia, and lets you get back to your life feeling better.

You don’t have to suffer the discomfort and inconvenience of chronic sinus problems. We can perform a diagnostic exam, explain your options, answer your questions, and tailor a treatment that helps you reclaim your health. So don’t wait. Contact ENT, Sinus & Hearing Care Center to schedule your evaluation today!

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